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One Tough Navigator

One Tough Navigator

Congratulations to Mendl B. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for completing a private lesson in Basic Wilderness Navigation.

We first met earlier in the week at Commonplace Coffee in Squirrel Hill on Forbes Avenue for a “classroom” session to discuss the fundamentals of land navigation … like the parts of a compass; the differences in compass types genrally; how to read a topographic map; the difference between Magnetic North and True North; plus many other points.  There, Mendl bought me a cup of coffee that might be the best that I ever had!

Then, yesterday, as part of the “field” session, Mendl braved a blazing sun and a 103° heat index to walk on and off trail at Hartwood Acres County Park to practice the practical elements of navigation.  He learned that while navigation is fairly easy conceptually to learn, it is a bit harder to do in actuality.  However, half way through our session he was hitting our targets spot on.

Between Mendl’s great spirit, a beautiful sun centered within a clear sky, and all the deer jumping up in front of us and running away, it was a wonderful day.

Hopefully, Mendl felt the same way too … And I hope that he will soon start his hunt for the mysterious, hidden cairn!

Now, I am heading to Commonplace for some more of their wonderful coffee.

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