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Erik Kulick, JD.WEMT.FAWM

Founder & Chief Instructor

erik-about-us-photoLooking to bring the finest outdoors training and education to Pennsylvania and its surrounding states, Erik Kulick drew upon his passion for the outdoors and his almost thirty years of teaching experience to found True North in 2011.

Growing up as a backpacker and paddler, Erik has taught for regional and national outdoor programs, including the L.L. Bean Outdoor Discovery School.  He has spent the last fifteen years focusing his training on wilderness survival and he feels particularly fortunate to have studied under Byron Kerns, a former U.S. Air Force SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) instructor.  In his classes, Erik is best known, not just for his technical skill and knowledge, but for his energy and patience in teaching youth and adults of all levels and backgrounds.

Erik has a background in emergency services.  He is a National Registry Emergency Medical Technician, a Wilderness EMT, a Pennsylvania certified EMS Instructor, and worked as an EMS provider.  He is an instructor for the American Heart Association, and has taught at the Center for Emergency Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh.  Erik is a member of the Wilderness Medical Society, where he is also a Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM).  Erik is a graduate of the Allegheny County Police Training Academy and serves as a police officer.

As an attorney and MBA, Erik also draws upon his experience from the corporate world to help individuals and organizations maximize their potential.  The Great Outdoors may lack access to telephone and the internet, but it provides some of the best opportunities to learn team building, communication, conflict resolution, and risk assessment.  Erik has worked with the Boy Scouts of America, Carnegie Mellon University, and LUMA Institute amongst many others.

Erik has been featured in various national and foreign media outlets, including BackpackerCNN, the Associated Press, The Washington Post, the Philadelphia InquirerKDKA, Men’s Health, National Public Radio partner, WITF, as well as Australia’s News Corp, and Britain’s The Guardian and Daily Mail

J.C. McGreehan, BS.NRP.WEMT

Senior Instructor

JC & BearAn avid outdoor enthusiast, J.C. McGreehan brings his extensive recreational, military, and medical experience together to provide his students, no matter their skill level, a well founded and truly unique instructional experience.

J.C. brings much wilderness survival and medicine expertise, garnered at home and overseas, to the table. He is a practicing National Registry Paramedic and a certified Wilderness EMT. J.C. is a former U.S. Army helicopter pilot who completed his survival, evasion, resistance, and escape training at the U.S. Army SERE School.  J.C. has deployed to some of the most devastated areas of the world, including Haiti and Afghanistan. In 2013, as a team leader for Team Rubicon, J.C. led a group of medical and rescue professionals to the Philippines in less than 72 hours after Typhoon Haiyan, one the most devastating tropical cyclones ever recorded, made landfall to help the nation’s survivors who were in dire need of clean drinking water, shelter, and critical health services.

On the recreational side, J.C. enjoys mountain biking, hiking, outdoor photography, primitive camping, sailing, SCUBA, not to mention the occasional adventure race, all of which have taken him around the US and abroad, as he continues his search for the next great experience.

J.C. initially joined the True North team as a student five years ago when he took our Advanced Wilderness Survival course to hone and refresh his skills.  Shortly afterwards, he began to consult for True North, then later started teaching its clients.

J.C.’s teaching philosophy is to create a comfortable learning atmosphere for our clients that first instills confidence, thus allowing them to effectively acquire tangible and useful skill sets that are applicable, not just to survival situations, but to many aspects of life too. 

Jarod Myers


From a young age making forts in the woods, to camping on Boy Scout trips, Jarod Myers loved the outdoors. These experiences developed in him a great appreciation for the outdoors, where he feels right at home, which he wants to share with others.

Jarod served active duty from 1999 until 2010 in the United States Marine Corps, spending ten of those years with field units. Wanting to be a fireman, he went to MOS school for Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF). Once in the Fleet, he rose to become a Crew Chief, then Senior Rescue Man, and later a Section Leader. During this time, Jarod also trained as a Rescue Technician (High and Low angle rope rescue, and confined space rescue), Fire Instructor, Emergency Vehicle (EVOC) Instructor, Fire Officer, and a Fire Inspector, as well as a Basic Life Support (BLS) provider. Jarod was stationed in Yuma, Arizona, and Quantico, Virginia, and he served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Marines afforded Jarod much teaching experience and related skills, especially when it comes to outside-the-box thinking.

True North first had the privilege of working with Jarod in the summer of 2014 when he took Wilderness Survival 101 to refresh and improve his skills. Since then, he has joined us for Basic Wilderness Navigation, Basic Wilderness Survival and Advanced Wilderness Survival.

With his extensive military and teaching experience, Jarod’s goal is to help our clients feel comfortable so that they can acquire and develop those skills which will allow them to be more confident in the outdoors.