Land Navigation

Learn to confidently navigate through various types of terrain, environments, and conditions using a map and compass.

Our land navigation program will show you how to explore with confidence using a map and compass.  You will learn about the necessary gear, skills, and techniques in a hands-on, practical way.  It is geared towards a wide mix of backgrounds and experience levels, whether you’ve had prior training or none at all.  That’s why outdoors folks, first responders, and service personnel regularly travel to True North from all across the country to learn from us.

Check out our four program offerings:

Basic Land Navigation

This program is our introductory course to using a map and compass.  It is designed to improve the confidence of anyone who plays or works in the outdoors.

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Advanced Land Navigation

This course is designed for those who already have a basic understanding of using a map and compass, but want to take their skills and knowledge to the next level.

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Military Land Navigation

If you are preparing for the land navigation phase of a military assessment, or want training for your unit instructors, then check out our Mil-Nav Program for more information.

Private Instruction

If you believe that one-on-one instruction would better fit your goals and timeframe, or you would like to set up a training for your group, then contact us to learn how True North can help.

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