Private Instruction

Scout Leader Training

True North can tailor a program to suit your particular needs, and offer important guidance, whether it is about a specific skill, a complete training course, or advice about some related issue.

Many times individuals or groups prefer a more personalized approach to meeting their needs.  This not only helps them better achieve their goals, but allows them to do so within existing constraints, like time and budgets.  True North has customized survival, medicine, and land navigation programs for families, business, universities, and hospitals, as well as search-and-rescue crews, military, and law enforcement, from 1-hour workshops to 1-week courses.

A private course allows you or your group to pick your own best timeframe.  After all, we know how hard it can be sometimes be to schedule a group, whether friends, relatives, or co-workers, when competing family obligations, work schedules, and limited vacation time all must be considered.

True North has a lot of experience working with outdoor activity groups.  Organizations like the Boy Scouts of AmericaYMCA, and North Country Trail Association have asked us to work with their staffs because they appreciate that leading others in the outdoors, whether children or adults, requires a level of responsibility that extends far beyond just providing a fun and exciting trip.

Our training, too, will help your staff become better teachers.  That’s because before they can even begin to genuinely teach a particular skill, like fire building, using a map and compass, or rescue signaling, they need to first have command of the skills themselves, plus knowledge of applicable equipment, and an understanding of the issues involved.  At True North, our various courses in Wilderness Survival and Land Navigation provide an effective and efficient way for you to learn the necessary skills which you can then pass on at your next event.

Our training can also help your organization and staff better assess and manage risk, as well better respond to medical emergencies.  This is one important reason why the Boy Scouts and the American Camp Association is now requiring Wilderness First Aid certification in many cases.  Through our partnership with American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI), we offer training in Wilderness Medicine which satisfies the ACA and BSA requirements.  This way, you and your fellow leaders will be better prepared to respond to a medical emergency, or, better yet, avoid one altogether.

Because at True North, our ultimate goal is provide you with skills training that will instill in you and your group the confidence to be a better leader and teacher.

And we can either work with you or your organization at one of our training locations or one of your choosing.  Contact Us to ask how we can best assist you.