Wilderness Survival

No matter your skill level or background, learn the same approach to protecting yourself and others in a wilderness emergency that is taught in the U.S. military in a hands-on and supportive approach.

Our wilderness survival program reflects a “Modern” philosophy in that we emphasize basic equipment, preparedness, and the ability to creatively use available resources, all with the expectation of rescue within 72 hours (since statistics show that 95% of search-and-rescue operations are resolved within this time frame).  That is, our courses emphasize not primitive methods, but rather practical ones that are intended to help keep problems in remote locations less of a survival situation and more of an inconvenience.

In all of our courses, from beginner to advanced, instruction focuses on The Seven Priorities of Survival: survival psychology, scene safety, shelter, fire, signaling, water, and food.  We place particular emphasis on the ability to build appropriate shelters, and to always be prepared to build a knee-high fire in the pouring rain in five minutes (Yes, trust us, it can be done!).  Our goal is to instill in our students not just their ability to help themselves in an emergency situation, but to be able to do the same for others.

None of our courses require any previous experience.  Simply bring the required items from the equipment list which you will receive upon registration, and plenty of PMA … Positive Mental Attitude.  From there, we’ll work together to take care of the rest.

Our survival classes are primarily held in Quebec Run Wild Area, a 7,441 acre undeveloped reserve within Forbes State Forest located about 60 miles southeast of Pittsburgh in the beautiful Laurel Highlands through special permit from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Wilderness Survival 101

This 1-day course is designed to be an introduction to the fundamentals of survival.  It is a great way for beginners who are not yet comfortable with the idea of an overnight to begin learning about the backcountry and how to deal with wilderness emergencies.  It’s also a great way for even experienced outdoors people to learn or refresh important fundamental skills.

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Basic Wilderness Survival

This 2-day / 1-night course is designed to teach the fundamentals of survival in a hands-on and direct way.  It allows beginners to acquire basic backcountry and camping skills while building their confidence in the woods, and it allows those with more experience to build on, and improve, what they already know.

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Advanced Wilderness Survival

This 4-day / 3-night course is designed for those seeking to learn the fundamentals of wilderness survival in a more physically demanding and hands-on learning fashion.  This course definitely isn’t for everyone … But those few who do finish it, typically give it a thumbs up and show a happy (though weary) smile!

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