Wilderness Survival

No matter your experience or background, learn to explore, protect, and lead others with confidence by acquiring the skills and knowledge to effectively deal with — and better yet, avoid — a wilderness emergency. Anywhere. Anytime.

At True North, we provide our clients with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to prevent or respond to emergencies in remote or austere environments.  We accomplish this mission by teaching our clients the same “modern” approach to wilderness survival that is taught in the U.S. military by emphasizing basic preparedness, like tools and supplies, adaptability, and a realistic approach to improvisation.  We also help our clients to make better decisions by teaching them the Seven Priorities of any wilderness emergency: Survivor Psychology, Medical, Shelter, Fire, Signal, Water, and Food.  That way, should the worst occur during your next outdoor adventure, you’ll have the positive mindset to immediately respond to the situation as less of a crisis and more of an inconvenience so that you can better protect yourself and others, assist in your rescue, and return home with pride.


Quebec Run Wild Area

After more than a decade in operation, True North is fortunate to work with a diverse mix of clients from all over the United States and Canada.  Some are experienced hikers, paddlers, or hunters who want to be better prepared for an emergency — especially should their “day hike” turn unexpectedly into an overnight — while many others simply want to learn fundamental outdoor skills so that they can take their adventures to the next level.  Our clients include youth and outdoor leaders, search-and-rescue, military, as well as healthcare professionals and humanitarian relief providers.

So discover for yourself why True North is consistently ranked as one of the top survival schools in the country and how we can help you to accomplish your goals.  Check out our course links below, or feel free to Contact Us.

Wilderness Survival 101

This 1-day course is designed to be an introduction to the fundamentals of wilderness survival.  It is a great way for beginners, or those not yet comfortable with the idea of an overnight, to begin their training.  It’s also a great way for even experienced outdoors people to learn or refresh important skills.

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Basic Wilderness Survival

This 2-day / 1-night course is designed to teach the fundamentals of wilderness survival in a more hands-on, involved, and active way.  This course will also help you to learn basic backcountry and camping skills, while also building your confidence in the woods.

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Advanced Wilderness Survival

This 4-day / 3-night course is designed for those seeking to, not only learn the fundamentals of wilderness survival in a far more in-depth and physically demanding way, but to do so in an environment that is designed to reflect an actual survival situation.  This course definitely isn’t for everyone … But those few who do finish it, typically give it a thumbs up and show a happy (though weary) smile!

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