Mil-Nav Program

True North will help you to gain the experience, capability, and confidence to pass the land navigation phases of your military assessment, then operate wherever your mission requires.

Our clients represent a diverse mix of occupational specialities from all around the military community.  Most are in a special operations pipeline, like Army Special Forces, Ranger, or Navy Special Warfare; others are heading to leadership development courses, like OCS or WOCS; and we work with Tier 2 operators preparing for Tier 1 selection.

Drill Sergeant, Fort Benning, preparing for Army Ranger.

Our training area provides a unique learning environment for all skill levels.  It’s located in the Appalachian Mountains about 60 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, along the West Virginia border.  This is why the U.S. special operations community — including Combat Applications Group — uses this same area to conduct its own training and assessment.

Marine, preparing for Army Special Forces.

This program is also open to law enforcement personnel. We’ve worked with members of special response teams, federal agents preparing for special operations selection, as well as Rangers and Wardens.

Check out our three offerings:

Basic Military Land Navigation

This training is geared towards military personnel — whether currently serving, or in the enlistment pipeline — with little to no land navigation experience, or who may need to review the fundamentals, preparing for an upcoming assessment and selection program where command of land navigation is required.

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Advanced Military Land Navigation

This training is geared towards military personnel already serving in or transitioning to special operations who want to refine their land navigation skills — The typical participant is already serving in an SMU and preparing for Tier 1 selection.

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Private Instruction

If you believe that one-on-one instruction would better fit your specific goals and timeframe, or you would like to set up a training for your group, then contact us to learn how True North can help.

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