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When does survival begin? … Before the emergency!  So, trust True North to guide you towards the best gear and resources to help you to prepare.

Our mission:  True North provides you with the skills and knowledge needed to explore with confidence.  Our instructors do this by providing you, not just the most relevant hands-on training possible, but by guiding you to the gear and resources that will help you to best prepare according to your chosen activity, purpose, skill level, and budget.

Independence:  Our reviews and suggestions at True North are absolutely impartial and unbiased.  No third-party determines what products and resources we suggest or is involved in any way in the content of our reviews.  Our instructors only recommend those products and resources that we would personally use or recommend to our own friends and family.

As a Start:  Here are some terrific free resources that we’re confident will help you to get outside and explore with confidence …

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