Wilderness First Aid Certification Course

Our Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification provides the basic level of first aid training where you will learn the fundamentals of dealing with an illness or traumatic injury in remote locations. These certification courses are multi-day courses and you must attend all of the scheduled sessions to receive your certification.

Included below are additional details specific to our upcoming course offerings. After signing up, you will receive a detailed course information sheet.

Certification Course – June

This 16-hour certification course is split into two convenient 8-hour sessions. It will be held at the Wilkins School Community Center which is conveniently located in Regent Square, just off I-376 / Parkway East near Frick Park in Pittsburgh.

  • Sessions: June 1, 8
  • Course Duration: ¬†8 hours per day
  • Start / End Times:¬†8:00am – 5:00pm

Please read our Wilderness First Aid Certification (WFA) course page for more information.


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