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Finding North with the Moon

Many of us have learned various field expedient methods to determine North without a compass. Probably three of the most common are looking to Polaris in the night sky, using a Shadow Stick, or even an analog watch. But these methods all share a common weakness — They don’t work when the sky is overcast.  After all, these methods aren’t of much use if you can’t see the stars, sun, or even a shadow. Another option that you should consider, then, is to look to the Moon. Of course, granted, the Moon is only visible for a part of each month and it can’t often be seen on very cloudy days.  Still — as I have a “glass is half full” mindset — the Moon is visible for a good hunk of each month and, better yet, it can very often be seen through the clouds. So, here is a quick-start […]

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