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Movie Suggestion – “All is Lost”

I am usually very reluctant to make the effort to see, or to recommend to others, a movie that is “survival” themed.  That’s because most are usually junk in that they are based more on entirely contrived drama than actual fact or reality.  However, I just watched the trailer for a movie that is to be released in October that I might just have to see.

All is Lost is an American film about a man who becomes lost alone at sea after his sail boat sinks soon after being struck by an adrift commercial shipping container.  The film appears to be unique in that there is very little dialogue and the only cast member is actor, Robert Redford.  There isn’t even a soccer ball named Wilson!

Anyway, check out the official trailer below.

If anyone is interested in seeing it too, just let me know … I’ll even buy the popcorn!



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