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Nevada Family Rescue Update

A family in Nevada, who had gotten themselves stranded in a remote area after an afternoon of sledding, were rescued after spending two days in sub-zero temperatures.  While each member of the family needed to be treated in the hospital for dehydration and mild hypothermia, they were in otherwise great condition.

Details have emerged since their rescue of how much their father did to improvise and adapt to their situation to keep everyone safe.

To learn more about what he did, check out this video:


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About the Author

Erik is the founder of True North Wilderness Survival School. He is a police officer, EMS provider, a Wilderness EMT, and a Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine. He has been featured in national and international media, including CNN, the Associated Press, and Backpacker. To learn more about Erik, visit him on LinkedIn and be sure to follow him on Facebook and YouTube.

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