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Preparation: The Key to Survival

The key to being best able to get through any emergency is being prepared before it even happens. Learning new skills, and practicing them, then, will help you better and more safely respond when the moment counts.

That’s why Pittsburgh firefighters, police, and EMS volunteered yesterday to train along Slippery Rock Creek in McConnell’s Mill State Park yesterday.  Why?  In the wake of the flash flood in August 2011 along Washington Boulevard in the Highland Park section of Pittsburgh that killed four people and stranded many dozens of others, they wanted to be better equipped to handle urban flooding should the same situation ever arise.

To learn more about what they did, check out the article in the Tribune Review and their additional photographs:

Would you, too, like to be better prepared the next time that you had out on your next outdoor adventure with friends and family — or even alone — then consider enrolling in a course at True North.  We offer in training in wilderness survival, land navigation, and Wilderness First Aid (WFA), and CPR among others.  They each off a great way to learn important skills and to build your confidence.

Erik Kulick leaning aginst wall with True North badge on blue shirt

About the Author

Erik is the founder of True North Wilderness Survival School. He is a police officer, EMS provider, a Wilderness EMT, and a Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine. He has been featured in national and international media, including CNN, the Associated Press, and Backpacker. To learn more about Erik, visit him on LinkedIn and be sure to follow him on Facebook and YouTube.

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