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Signaling Equipment – Smoke Flare

At True North we regularly explain to our clients that when it comes to being rescued, it is the responsibility of the survivor to the best of one’s ability to assist in being found.  No matter how well equipped rescuers may be, you still remain the proverbial needle in the haystack.  Even if they have helicopters with the latest in technological equipment, they could easily continue to fly above you and never even notice that you’re there.  After all, you are so very small while the world is so very big.  As a survivor, therefore, your ability is vastly improved when you are prepared with the appropriate gear, skills, and knowledge.  So, you may want to consider adding a flare to your survival kit. In particular, during our recent Advanced Wilderness Survival course, I wanted to experiment with a good visual signal, the smoke-flare.  Such a signaling device is intended for […]

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