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How to Preserve a Tooth

I realize that first-aid for teeth isn’t as exciting as more lifesaving procedures, like using a tourniquet or providing CPR, but, let’s face it, if your tooth happens to get knocked out — root and all — I’m going to bet that it’ll feel almost as important.  After all, the potential of such a tooth injury is a relatively common consequence of many outdoor activities like rock climbing, skiing, and, of course, mountain biking.  On the upside, it can be fairly easily implanted by your dentist with a high probability of lasting success.  But if you are in a wilderness location with delayed access to a tooth doctor, how then can you best preserve it in the meantime?  That’s because the dislodged tooth is really not much different than any other amputated body part, like a finger … It must be kept “alive” until it can be reattached.  Here are […]

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