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Invest in Your Gear … You Life Might Just Depend on It

Take a good look at the two compasses in the photograph below.  Can you see any difference between them? Even though these compasses are each made by different manufacturers, their difference may only be negligible.  After all, they are both lensatic compasses with the same basic frame.  They each have sighting features.  They both have phosphorescent markings.  They are the same color.  And they both have a magnetic needle that points North. I will suggest that one big difference is the price.  One costs about $75 and the other about $25. So, let’s consider that you are in the aisle of a big-box retailer, eyeing these compasses for your next outdoor adventure.  Which one would you buy?  Would the choice be easy? … Buy the cheaper one and save $50? Would you be willing to stake your safety, and the safety of those with you, while out in the woods? Presumably, […]

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